If you, as a woman, say you are “against feminism”, you are one of the following:

a) Wilfully ignorant of the hard won feminist victories that have led to you feeling like you don’t experience misogyny in your life. A more accurate description would be “I don’t feel like I need any MORE feminism. I’m happy with the feminism that has already happened which allows me to vote, own property, have autonomy over my own body…etc etc”

b) Blissfully optimistic that you, personally, will never be victimized at all because of your gender in the future. The statistics on sexual violence alone show 1 in 5 women aged 16-59 in the UK have experienced some form of sexual violence since age 16. 65% of women in the US have experienced some form of street harassment. Even if you don’t feel you have needed feminism so far, the likelihood is you will need it in the future. (Sources: http://www.rapecrisis.org.uk/Statistics2.php, http://www.stopstreetharassment.org/resources/statistics/)

c) Hopelessly self-centred; you may not feel you need feminism in your life. Look beyond your life to the issues faced by women around the world. Forced marriage. Sex trafficking. Girls denied access to education. Women denied access to healthcare. Saying you are “against feminism” because you feel you have equality already is like saying you are “against glasses” because you have 20/20 vision. Great - good for you. I’m glad you can see. Please don’t fight against something which is trying to allow others to see as well.

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