Lady Macbeth, quoted here while discouraging her husband from doing anything too outrageous, specifically killing the King. (via merrywise)

Isn’t she doing the opposite of discouraging him? The full quote is “screw your courage to the sticking place and we’ll not fail”. It’s been suggested that the “sticking place” is the mark to which a soldier screwed up the cord of a crossbow. She’s telling him to find the courage to do it. If you’re interested, there’s a BBC workshop on this scene here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p00qb5jn 


so josh hutcherson went to a kentucky basketball game yeah




That is clearly the salute from when the scouts and the Nazis merged as one, right?

Time without you,

Like time without Candy Crush lives,

Is pointless, fruitless, and devoid of sweetness.

Baby you could connect your main clause to mine any day of the week and twice on Sunday if you know what I mean.
(Anyone who thinks this is how I should teach grammar to 12 year olds raise your hand…)
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How come you and debunk something but you can never just bunk it?

How come you can be dishevelled but you can never just be shevelled?

How come you can be feckless but you can never just be feckful?

How come you can be nonplussed but you can never just be plussed?

How come you can be ineffable but you can never just be effable?

….I think [insert name of attractive person] is pretty effable, am I right?

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